We are freelancers working in Design & Advertising filed, not a company.


We all used to work for many big and professional company in many filelds as senior graphic designers, since graduated in 2010. Some are Dat Viet VAC, Dong Tay Promotion, Norfolk Group Vietnam, Viivue Web Design, Dinosaur Vietnam … We worked for them in the daytime 8 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, but at the same time, we also worked as freelancers in the nights and weekends. So our level and quality of working skills as well as managing skills can completely meeting many requests of clients. Our strong point is we don’t have heavy organization as companies, so the cost is obviously lower, and the timeline will be shorter than them, with the same quality as working for clients through them.


The reason we choose that “always be on time” as our most competitive advantage is that we really understand that your time is very important, “Your time is your money” as we usually say ;). We are also the types of person who really care about time management, work effect and self-discipline. Our results of MBTI (The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) are:  (1) ISTJ – The Duty Fullfillers and (2) ENTP – The Visionaries, so we all have the solid foundation to commit that point!

Moreover, the quality of our products have been already present at this website, so we don’t have to prove it again 🙂


We have more than just Art and Graphic Design skills and knowledge. Beside working in design field everyday, we invest so much time and energy in researching on the knowledge of finance, marketing, sales, business, psychology and spirituality. We also know that without the combination between those industries, the finished products can not be functional and perfect for our clients’ competitive advantages, even for us. So, we have to keep researching more and more broadly than just our major.


We can handle all the designing process for you. And after that, I can introduce my dear friend and also partner to you for handling the coding process. His name is Tuan, a professional coder. He has colaborated with us many projects before and all got good feedbacks. He also coded this website for us with all his best. You can visit Partners for previewing my partner’s profile :).